A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Cosmic Balloons is game intended to ease people into a relaxed, receptive state. Explore 19 locations across 6 'Biomes' and 13 'Monuments' (Prototype contains only 1 of each). Fly your balloon around the world and float into the cosmos. Control the wind in the 'Forest Biome' and dance among the stars on your way to the Cosmos.  (Game intended for Android)

This was initially developed for a client outside of college and had to be altered to be published.



Who are we? 

Conor  Barron: Art, Animation, Design.

Sean Fitzgerald: Programming, Audio, UI

Conor Fox: Art, VFX, Design.

Samuel Hegner: Programming, Tech, UI.

Gary O'Reily: Production, Design.


CosmicBalloons Altered Build.apk 84 MB
Cosmic BalloonsWindows.zip 191 MB

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