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Short 3D collectathon, first person, platformer, set on a pirate island.

This was a one person student project where the goal was to learn 3D modelling in blender and applying materials in Unity.


Freesound.org: SFX

http://devassets.com/ : Sand texture.

Ben Esposito: First person controller

Ross Bugden: music

Bicameral studios: Skybox

Janpec: Whale model


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physics behaves way too wonky.

the floating barrels push the player in a completely random direction when trying to jump.

most jumps are detected way to late, frequently causing the player to fall of a platform before jumping instead of jumping to the next platform if it had been detected within an acceptable timeframe.

Thank you for taking the time to play my game. 

With this being a solo student project with a fixed deadline. My main goal was to learn 3D modelling in blender and texturing in unity. The wonky physics comes from a lack of focus on the playable character. However If in the future I am to focus on another platform game I will take your suggestions into account.